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Good Job

Posted by musicfreak379 on 2001.10.07 at 03:25
Great job everyone!!!! We won the challenge!!!!!!!!!

Guess where I shoved the hat ... !?!?
Posted by kat_in_a_hat on 2006.09.27 at 07:45
okay didn't look like anyone could get anymore so I posted the answers to the challenge .... fingers crossed that they didn't get all of them and just posted early to get the extra point. Of course if they did get them all and got the extra point because they were in first there was no way we could have beaten them anyway, even if we did get them all. Good work team.

Hey Tyler and Kris ... are you still out there?

Guess where I shoved the hat ... !?!?


Posted by kat_in_a_hat on 2006.09.06 at 08:56
well guys the answers are all posted ... JUST in the nick of time.

Big round of applause goes out to Emily who really worked hard at this challenge!!!

Now fingers crossed we win two in a row!

*peace out*

obamas hold
Posted by downstraightup_ on 2006.08.28 at 16:57

I am so sorry(I think I have missed a challenge)

but my computer is fried I am on a friends computer so I m ight not be on for awhile

Guess where I shoved the hat ... !?!?

challenge completed

Posted by kat_in_a_hat on 2006.08.28 at 06:48
What style is your flame?: chipperchipper
done! all posted! *fingers crossed*



Posted by musicfreak379 on 2006.07.26 at 17:14
Locate the fire:: RSGE
What style is your flame?: rushedrushed
What beat are you burning to?: Martyr Niebera -Kamikazee
Hello! *waves*

This is Christabel, musicfreak379 on LJ.

Name: Christabel, nicknamed Christa or Karisata
Age: 14, turning 15 three days after Christmas.
Hometown: Originally Makati City, Metro Manila; now Marikina City, Metro Manila.
Occupation: Student...ninth grade.
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the 'net, watching movies, writing, watching TV and hanging out with friends.

So...basically that's me. I like listening to all kinds of music, though I tend to listen to rock, punk pop, and rock OPM most. OPM is Original Pilipino Music. Music written by Pinoys. Because of summer vacation, I got hooked on watching sitcoms and gag shows, like Bubble Gang, Nuts Entertainment and Bahay Mo Ba To?. I also like watching movies...in the cinema or at home. A hobby of mine long before I began to listen to music. I like comedies. Especially, corny as they are, old Pinoy comedies. I write short stories and poetry, which usually end up as something that can be filed under Romance/Love. On Saturdays, I have choir. A children's choir, but mostly consists of teenagers who've grown up while in the choir, lol.

Erm...that's it, I guess. Me in a paragraph.



Posted by nervous_neuron on 2006.07.26 at 11:56

My introduction...

Posted by peachy_keen_17 on 2006.07.25 at 19:39
What style is your flame?: excitedexcited
So heres my introduction, but first I want to apologize for completely screwing up the other base. I know I set us back a bit, and I didnt realize that it wasnt working and no one was able to access it. But Im glad everything is sorted out now!

Well, what can I say?
Im definitely "fired up" for Aussie Reality!
The first challenge was pretty difficult, because we had some communication issues. But now that we have this (awesome) base we should be much better!

So Im Emily, Im 14 and I live in Alberta, Canada. Most of the other stuff about me you already know from my emails. As a team member I can be a leader or a follower and I will do what needs to be done. Im not really sure how long I can last in this game, but I really hope I can bring a lot to this team, such as:

Thats all for now!

I'm in ur intarwebz


Posted by rhapsodical78 on 2006.07.26 at 01:31
Name: Naomi.
Age: 28.
Home: Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Occupation: In between jobs. You may read that as 'bum' if you like.
Likes: Animals, photography, the internet, sushi, progressive music, reading, summer.
Dislikes: Unquestioning dogma, animal cruelty, commercial media, authority.
Catch Phrase: "Endow upon me your infatuation as does the humble crayon and reciprocation shall ensue ten fold."
Reason for playing the game: Boredom inspired whim.



Posted by nervous_neuron on 2006.07.26 at 11:21

Hey I'm Kris, or hopefully soon to be known as Professor Kris! I'm 20 years old, and I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I'm a second year Behavioural Neuroscience student at Monash Uni, and I work part time as a.... deli server? What ever you call those people who work at a deli and serve the customers.

I'm obsessed with neuroscience, that's all things to do with the nervous system (which I might add, includes the brain). My favourite part of the brain is the amygdala. For fun, I like to play video games, mainly nintendo, along with old school consoles, such as sega master system. I also love playing World of Warcraft. I like cartooning and writing, that's the creative side of me, but I'm not really skilled in those areas.

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